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Puli currently offers play to earn mobile gaming, staking, a core high quality MMO RPG Game with NFT integration (coming soon), as well as… major utility development plans for a unique type of P2E launch pad called “PuliPad” The team at puli are also working on a unique type of referral system built on proven affiliate marketing strategies …

Our Puli NFTS will be a central source of the entire ecosystem… where they will be given stronger and stronger use cases as the technology continues to roll out.

We here at Puli believe that crypto can be both safe and fun for everyone, and are aiming to create an investor safe haven on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Our amazing Puli community members will soon be enjoying play-to-earn mobile games, unique MMORPG style games, as well as the ability to  even rent out their NFTs to other Puli gamers for a profit share on the P2E side (helping to build the Puli community and ecosystem together as one.)

On top of all that, our dedicated team is currently working on giving NFT holders enormous benefits across the board, starting with these amazing Puli Runner Mobile benefits..

Buy – Stake – Play – Earn!

Initial Special bonuses for our NFT Holders are likely to be as follows:

Your Puli Runner character within the game will be your actual NFT that you hold (This will be integrated shortly after the mobile game launch with unique 3D modeling)

– Increased earnings from in game fortune cookies

– Increased chances of finding cookies 

– A chance for getting double rewards from a cookie 

– Being able to revive X amount of times during a run

– Continual game updates and new levels/themes

– ad-free game play 

– 1st priority to get on to the top earning tier

– Ability to rent out your NFT for profit share as floor price increases for all supported games

“NFT holders will get more surprises and further benefits as we progress… Your Puli NFT will act as the core to the Puli Ecosystem, and these holder bonuses will also be determined by the rarity of your NFT!”

Puli is all about creating trust in a friendly and supportive environment. The team takes community feedback very seriously –  and we are committed to providing the community with transparency and fairness (throughout the entire project.)

In addition, we are soon going to begin monetizing the mascot and various merchandise through our website, as well as offering advertising opportunities (Including revenue boosting newsletter sponsorships!)

We will quickly achieve this by growing a massive engaged following with our marketing prowess (where a large portion of this income will be set aside to benefit holders) in the form of team buy backs, lottery competitions – and a whole lot more.

Our Major Utility Focus At The Moment Is On An Exciting RPG Game…

Our PC Game Will Use Our NFT’S In A Way That Has Never Been Done Before!

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Our Current Partners

The true warriors of this project are both the supporters and the investors. If you require support of any kind, then don’t hesitate to join our telegram or community discord (where one of our admins or moderators will be eager to help you out).

We have dedicated staff members who can get you started with everything PULI has to offer you in short order…


The content of this website and whitepaper is provided for information purposes only… and shall not in any way constitute investment advice or an investment recommendation of any kind in any product or token discussed within the entire website. Buy the PULI TOKEN at your own risk… Puli is a meme token with strong utility. However, It is strongly recommended that you seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision. Any investment decision that you make should be based on an assessment of your risks in consultation with your professional investment adviser.
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