About us: Puli is a BNBChain Token managed by Christopher Johnson, Ph.D., Michael Gartside, Mishaa Love, and Shane Cook. They are developing new play-to-earn games for the BSC ecosystem and, most important, for their holders.

Managed by an amazing Leadership, Marketing, and Development Team in the BSC ecosystem, Puli aims to stand above all the meme coins, giving utility and usage to the token.

The team is also backed up by a tremendous support team with a Game Developer, Solidity Developer, NFT and 3D Designer, Branding Manager, and a Marketing Manager as well as a tremendous group of administrators and moderators on all social media platforms. Finally, Dr. Johnson’s company supports Puli: Lightspeed Crypto Services, LLC. This company was stood up to conduct business-to-business interactions as well as supply maximum resources and growth opportunity for the token and its holders. In addition, the token includes a full gaming studio.

Once referred to as Puli Inu, Puli is a token held by one of the strongest teams in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network from a leadership, marketing, and technical point of view. The project is aiming to create play-to-earn games accessible from cell phones, PCs, and tablets where it will be possible to have access to all the services and products that Puli can offer.

Hand Holding Puli Tokens


The Puli contract applies a 10% tax on every buy and sell transaction on decentralized exchanges with 0% tax associated with transfers. From this tax, 9% is reserved for the development and growth of Puli (project overall development growth, marketing, as well as
the staking pool.)

We can’t ignore the liquidity pool, so we have allotted 1% to go there. As volume picks up, we will take a percentage away from the development fund and add an extra 1 % to the LP.

Liquidity is vital, as it ensures that there are enough assets in the pool to trade against. Puli will also add liquidity manually if needed to support smooth transactional flow.

Puli started with a
total supply of

100,000,000 tokens

with approximately

86,000,000 tokens
in circulation

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Puli Roadmap

Phase 01:

Birth of Puli and It’s Ecosystem

Puli Roadmap

Phase 02:

Building Brand Awareness

Puli Roadmap

Phase 03:

Birth of Puli and It’s Ecosystem

Puli Roadmap

Phase 04:

Expand Exposure

Puli Roadmap

Phase 05:

Sustaining Volume

Puli Roadmap
Phase 1
Phase 4
Phase 4
Phase 3
Phase 5