Puli Astro Arcade Mode

Embark on a space journey to look for spoils and riches!

Conquer and claim your place in space while you upgrade your ship and enable our P2E function!

Puli Astro Arcade mode will be an amazing journey into space

Puli Astro Arcade Mode

Are you brave enough to venture into lands filled with enemies and tough bosses?

Re-claim lands and save the Puli Dogs that have been captured by evil entities!

Watch out! Our Story Mode is only for the bravest among us and offers the highest rewards!

Puli Astro Story Mode

NFT holders will get more surprises and further benefits as we progress. Your Puli NFT will act as the core to the Puli Ecosystem, and these holder bonuses will also be determined by the rarity of your NFT.

Puli Astro is our multi-platform space shooter game expected to launch soon! You will take on the role of a spaceship pilot going through the journey of protecting the galaxy. Exciting NFTs and play-to-earn features will be implemented in this game as well!

Puli Astro Coming Soon

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