The Puli Runner Mobile Game

Play to earn, beat your scores — Make friends and have fun!

Our Puli Runner mobile game is an addictive fun game that you can start playing instantly (Download from either Google Play or Apple Store).

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Made with Unity

Puli Degens

Beyond all Senses of Logic!

Puli Degens, our multi-player RPG is coming soon! Our play to earn, 2d RPG, is created with a passion for gaming, pixel art, and innovation! Get ready for a nostalgic adventure combined with rare utility, NFTs and blockchain technology! Simply hold a Puli NFT!

Get benefits and rewards within the Puli Degen Universe!

Become the First Astro Conquerer!

Puli Astro is our multi-platform space shooter game expected to launch soon! You will take on the role of a spaceship pilot going through the journey of protecting the galaxy. Exciting NFTs and play-to-earn features will be implemented in this game as well.

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